Editorial Policies and Standards

Effective Date: 2/3/21

1. Introduction

At Westmoreland Bell, we are committed to providing cutting-edge, fair, independent, and responsible journalism. Our editorial policies emphasize fairness, independence, accountability, respect for sensitivities, professionalism, and a dedication to being at the forefront of journalistic innovation.

2. Commitment to Cutting-Edge Journalism

a. Innovative Reporting: We embrace new technologies and methodologies to deliver insightful and engaging journalism.

b. Unverified Information: When facts cannot be verified, we will clearly add a disclaimer to maintain transparency and trust with our readers.

3. Fairness

a. Balanced Coverage: We ensure diverse viewpoints are represented, providing a comprehensive view of each story.

b. Equitable Representation: We are committed to fair representation of all community sectors, avoiding bias.

4. Independence

a. Editorial Freedom: We maintain autonomy in our editorial decisions, free from external influences.

b. Transparency: Clear disclosure of ownership, funding, and any potential conflicts of interest.

5. Accountability

a. Community Responsiveness: We actively engage with our audience, valuing their input and addressing their concerns.

b. Corrections and Clarifications: We promptly address errors, issuing corrections and clarifications as needed.

6. Respect for Sensitivities

a. Considerate Reporting: We approach sensitive topics with care, respecting privacy and personal dignity.

b. Advisory Notices: Content warnings are provided for material that may be distressing to some readers.

7. Professionalism

a. High Ethical Standards: Our team adheres to the highest journalistic ethics, ensuring reliable and trustworthy reporting.

b. Professional Development: Ongoing education and training for our staff to uphold excellence in journalism.