Bell Township Launches Substantial Water System Project with CNX Foundation Support

Bell Township’s Vision for Water Infrastructure Bell Township has embarked on a crucial water infrastructure project that underscores the town’s commitment to providing reliable water services to its residents. Bell Township Supervisors John Bowman, Terry Bollinger, and Michael Kocon, along with Secretary Angela Duffner, have been instrumental in securing a $250,000 donation from the CNX Foundation for the $810,027 initiative.

Project Scope and Impact The project involves installing approximately 7,490 feet of 8″ main water line and 4,225 feet of 12″ main water line across Bell Point Road, Bowman Road, Moore Road, and Forest Drive. This infrastructure enhancement will replace 27 services and extend water access to 28 new customers, significantly improving the township’s water distribution system.

Partnership with CNX Foundation The CNX Foundation, a nonprofit organization, has supported the project. This partnership aligns with the Foundation’s mission to invest in communities facing socioeconomic challenges, emphasizing the importance of sustainable development in both urban and rural settings. CNX has been doing operations in this area for approximately 10 years now.

Ongoing Collaboration and Future Outlook The collaboration between Bell Township and the CNX Foundation is a testament to the power of public-private partnerships in addressing critical community needs. The project’s success sets a positive precedent for future endeavors, ensuring that Bell Township remains a thriving and safe community for all residents.