CNX Gas Company Receives Air Quality Permit Exemption for Mamont Impoundment Facility

Bell Township, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) has confirmed an exemption from air quality permitting for CNX Gas Company LLC’s Mamont Impoundment, a significant milestone in the development of this project in Bell Township, Westmoreland County. This exemption, granted under specific conditions outlined in the PADEP’s Air Quality Permit Exemptions document, marks a crucial step in realizing the project’s vision while ensuring adherence to environmental regulations.

Grounds for Exemption

The Mamont Impoundment’s primary function is the storage and processing of produced and flowback water from nearby wells, with a capacity of approximately 880,000 barrels (37 million gallons). The facility’s operation involves the collection, storage, and redistribution of this water, crucial for various completion activities at wells in the area. Reusing this water saves water from other sources.

Key points leading to the exemption include:

  1. Low Emission Levels: The facility’s potential estimated emissions are below 2.7 tons per year of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Potential emissions were calculated using an average concentration measured at the CNX MORW1 facilities.
  2. Conformance to Exemption Criteria: The facility’s operations and emissions profiles fit within the specific exemptions detailed in the PADEP’s Air Quality Permit Exemptions document, particularly under Exemption #38(c) and the case-by-case determination under Exemption #44.

PADEP’s Confirmation of Exemption

In a communication from the PADEP, it was confirmed that the Mamont Impoundment’s installation and operation are exempt from Plan Approval/Operating Permit requirements. This decision is based on the facility’s conformance with specific exemption criteria and its minimal emission levels, as detailed in the Request for Determination (RFD) submitted by CNX earlier in the year.

Commitment to Environmental Standards

While the exemption marks a streamlined process for CNX, the company’s commitment to environmental standards and community welfare remains paramount. The facility is designed with a focus on sustainable practices, including the reuse of water in completion activities, and adheres to strict monitoring and reporting protocols to ensure its operations remain within the environmentally safe thresholds.

Looking Ahead

As CNX Gas Company LLC moves forward with the Mamont Impoundment project, this exemption from air quality permitting by the PADEP is a testament to the company’s commitment to ongoing development.