Following Removal Of College Credit Requirement, Pennsylvania State Police Sees Jump In Cadet Applications

Harrisburg, PA – A significant surge in applications has been recorded by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) following the recent removal of college credit requirements for trooper positions. In just one month since this policy change, PSP received 1,217 applications, a notable increase compared to the 1,745 applications gathered over six months in the previous hiring cycle.

A New Era of Accessibility and Opportunity

This policy shift has notably widened the eligibility pool. Of the current applicants, 524 hold only a high school diploma or equivalency, qualifications that would have previously rendered them ineligible.

Governor Josh Shapiro expressed pride in this development. “We’re empowering Pennsylvanians who want to serve their community,” he stated. Shapiro emphasized that policing is a noble profession and expressed his desire for more individuals to join the ranks of what he called “the finest law enforcement agency in the nation.”

Welcoming Diverse Talents

Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Colonel Christopher Paris also shared his enthusiasm. “We’re pleased to see this jump in applications,” Paris said, expressing hope that more talented individuals from Pennsylvania and surrounding areas will consider a career with the PSP.

Simplified Requirements, Rigorous Training

The modified requirements now necessitate a high school diploma or GED certificate, a valid driver’s license, and the applicant must be between 20 and 40 years of age. Successful applicants will undergo a series of evaluations including a written exam, polygraph test, background investigation, physical readiness test, medical screening, and psychological assessment.

The cadet training, lasting approximately 28 weeks, is paramilitary in nature. It includes comprehensive coursework in various law enforcement disciplines and physical training. Upon graduation, cadets are promoted to troopers with an annual salary starting at $66,911.

Shapiro Administration’s Broader Employment Strategy

This move aligns with Governor Shapiro’s broader strategy to emphasize work experience over formal education in state government hiring. On his first full day in office, Shapiro announced that around 65,000 state government positions, accounting for 92% of all state jobs, would no longer require a four-year college degree.

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