Key Highlights from the Washington Township Regular Meeting on January 11, 2024

Enhancing Community Safety and Awareness

The regular meeting of Washington Township on January 11, 2024, focused significantly on enhancing community safety and awareness. A primary announcement was the reminder about the Washington Township Emergency Management Agency’s presence on Facebook. This platform is crucial for notifying residents in emergencies, providing real-time information, and offering daily tips for emergency planning for families and businesses​​.

Support for Local Services and Personnel Decisions

The meeting saw the adoption of Resolution 2024-01, which appointed Jennifer Bombalski as the administrator of pension plans covering all Township Plans. Another key resolution, 2024-02, expressed support for the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Company #102. This resolution assists the fire company in their request to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, seeking permission to serve beer at their Gun Bash events, highlighting the community’s support for local volunteer services​​.

Additionally, the township took strategic steps in its administrative operations by hiring Kimberly Hilliard as Township Administrative Support Staff, effective from January 18, 2024. This decision reflects the township’s commitment to enhancing its administrative capabilities​​.\

Development and Infrastructure

Washington Township showed active engagement in local development and infrastructure. Key approvals were granted for several projects, including Michael Schreib’s residential garage at 129 Wilma Drive and CNX Gas Company’s Mamont 14 Gas Well at Marco Road. These approvals indicate the township’s support for local and larger-scale development.