Washington Township and PA DEP Approves MAM14 Gas Well Pad

Introduction to MAM14 Pad

PA DEP has recently approved the permit for an unconventional gas well on CNX’s MAM14 Pad, located off Marco Road in Westmoreland County. This well, with the API number 129-29246, represents gas developments coming back to Washington Township. The MAM14 gas and waterlines will be built to meet up with this pad.

Community and Environmental Considerations

In line with regulatory requirements, there has been notification to the surface landowner and adjoining municipalities, including the Municipality of Murrysville, Oklahoma Borough, Washington Bell Salem, Upper Burrell, and Allegheny Townships. Additionally, owners and operators of both private and public water supplies have been notified.

The MAM14 pad is located in a rural area, with the surface land owned by the Larimer Trail Hunting Club LLC. As per permitting information, this location was chosen partly due to its rural nature, minimizing the impact on densely populated areas. Environmental Justice Public notifications were waived by the PA DEP due to notification by other means.

Regulatory Compliance and Safety

This permit had been issued by the PA DEP on 12/26/23. On 1/11/2024 the Washington Township Supervisors approved the plans.