CNX Midstream’s MAM14_U1 Pipeline and Waterline Project in Bell and Washington Townships, Westmoreland County, PA

Enhancing CNX’s Infrastructure

Project Overview

CNX Midstream Operating Company LLC (CNXM) has initiated a significant infrastructure project in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The project entails the construction of approximately 9,700 feet of dual 12-inch steel gas pipelines and roughly 9,740 feet of a single 20-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) waterline. This development spans a width of 75 to 100 feet within the designated limit of disturbance (LOD) area.

Strategic Location and Route

The construction begins in Washington Township, about 0.3 miles north of Paul Riggle & Sons Trucking off Marco Road, at the future CNX Gas Company LLC MAM14 well site. It will progress eastward for approximately 1.85 miles, concluding near the intersection of Coal Hollow Road and State Route 819 in Bell Township at the CNX MAM15 compressor site. Notably, the pipelines will intersect Millstone Road (Twp. 804), ensuring strategic connectivity across the region.

Access and Restoration Plans

For the successful execution of this project, approximately five existing access roads are earmarked for construction. These roads will facilitate easy access to various sections of the pipeline during the construction phase. Post-construction, both the temporary workspaces and the pipeline right-of-way (ROW) are planned to be restored to their original conditions or to a meadow-good state.