Plant a Better Tomorrow: Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Annual Seedling Sale Begins

A Green Initiative for Wildlife and Land Conservation

As winter blankets Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Howard Nursery invites residents to think ahead to spring by participating in their 2024 Seedling Sale. This annual event offers a unique opportunity for landowners to contribute to wildlife conservation and land rehabilitation through tree and shrub planting.

Nurturing Nature at Howard Nursery

At the heart of this initiative is Howard Nursery, dedicated to growing tree and shrub seedlings primarily for state game lands and various conservation efforts. Brian Stone, the nursery manager, explains the meticulous process: “Growing these seedlings, especially conifers, can take up to three years, and hardwoods like red oaks, which we have in surplus this season, sometimes take two years.” The nursery’s commitment to this process ensures a diverse and robust selection of seedlings each year.

2024 Seedling Selection: Catering to Diverse Needs

The 2024 seedling assortment reflects the nursery’s response to Pennsylvania’s ecological needs. In addition to red oaks, limited supplies of wild grape, northern spicebush, and flowering dogwood are available this year. Seedlings are offered in units of 25, with a variety that includes evergreens, deciduous trees, and shrubs, most native to Pennsylvania and sourced locally. These seedlings serve multiple purposes, from providing wildlife food and cover to watershed protection and soil erosion control.

Accessibility and Affordability for Residents

Emphasizing community participation, the seedlings are priced affordably, with discounts available for bulk purchases. Prices start as low as $11.25 per unit with the discount, catering to larger orders of 12 or more units. This approach makes it feasible for residents to engage in meaningful conservation efforts without a significant financial burden.

How to Participate in the Seedling Sale

Interested individuals can place their orders by contacting Howard Nursery directly via phone or FAX. Detailed information, including the seedling descriptions, site preferences, and benefits, are available on the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website. It’s important to note that orders need to be confirmed to ensure availability and proper processing.

Encouraging Community Involvement in Conservation

The Annual Seedling Sale is more than just a purchasing opportunity; it’s a call to action for community members to actively participate in enhancing their local ecosystems. Whether for wildlife habitat improvement, watershed protection, or beautifying landscapes, these seedlings represent a tangible step towards a greener future.

It’s heartwarming to see initiatives like this, where residents can directly contribute to the stewardship of our natural environment. By planting a tree or shrub from Howard Nursery, you’re not just adding greenery to the landscape; you’re supporting a rich, diverse habitat for wildlife and contributing to the ecological balance of our beautiful state. Let’s remember, each seedling planted today is a legacy for tomorrow.